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Minuteman / Para Systems - BP24RTEXL - The Exl Series Of Battery

  • Model: BP24RTEXL
  • Shipping Weight: 149lbs
  • Manufactured by: Minuteman / Para Systems
  • UPC: 784755158420
  • MSRP: $1149.00
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • Product ID: 1999262-139


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Main Features
  • Capacity: 2040 VAh
  • Height: 5.2"
  • Width: 26.7"
  • Depth: 17.3"
  • Weight (Approximate): 138.90 lb
  • Compatibility:
    Minuteman UPS
      ED1000RM2U, ED1000RMT2U
  • Limited Warranty: 3 Year

Marketing Information

The EXL Series of battery packs provide longer runtimes than the standard XL battery packs due to their higher VAh ratings. The EXL series does not have internal chargers in the connected UPS. However you can use a combination of XL and EXL battery packs to reduce the recharge time of the EXL battery packs while providing a more flexible runtime solution. (Example: your application requires 2 hours of runtime and the EXL battery pack selected only provides 1.5 hours of runtime.Instead of using two EXL battery packs, which will provide three hours of runtime, you can use the EXL along with an XL battery pack to provide the other 0.5 hours of runtime. This flexible solution not only saves you money, but also speeds up the recharge time of the EXL battery packs.
  • Name: BP24RTEXL Battery Pack, Minuteman BATTERY PACK, BP24RTEXL, Minuteman/Para Systems
  • Category: Other Power Supplies, Power
  • UPC Code: 784755158420
Brand Name: Minuteman Manufacturer: Para Systems, Inc Package Details: 20 x Replacement Battery Cartridge Product Series: EXL Product Type: Battery Unit UPC: 784755158420 Additional Information:
    • Standard Warranty: 3 Year Parts & Labor
Compatibility: Minuteman UPS:
    • ED1000RM2U
    • ED1000RMT2U
Dimensions: 5.2" Height x 26.7" Width x 17.3" Depth Form Factor: Rack-mountable Weight (Approximate): 138.90 lb Capacity: 2040 VAh Standard Warranty: 3 Year
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