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Panamax - MB1000 - 1000va Rack Mount Ups

  • Model: MB1000
  • Shipping Weight: 40lbs
  • Manufactured by: Panamax
  • UPC: 050616008518
  • MSRP: $909.95
  • Warranty: 3 Year Product, 2 Year Battery
  • Product ID: 134357-1297


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The Panamax MB1000 prevents critical equipment from losing setup configuration, stored data and hard-disk crashes. Shuts off projection equipment via IR control to allow the projector bulbs to go through a proper cool-down cycle before shutting off. The Panamax MB1000 offers surge protection, AVM™ as well as voltage regulation. It has dual learning IR output controls. The MB1000 can be controlled via RS-232 via an open source protocol, it is fully programmable. Includes power management software, a USB interface (and cord). Also included is a RS-232 cable, and a rack mounting kit.


  • Weight - 36 lbs.
  • Dimensions - 17"W x 13"D x 4"H


  • Voltage - 85-137 Vac
  • Frequency - 57-63 Hz

AC Power

  • Undervoltage Shutoff - 90 ±5V
  • Surge Protection - 900 Joules
  • Overvoltage Shutoff, slow rise - 132 ±5V
  • Overvoltage Shutoff, fast rise - 150 ±5V
  • Noise Attenuation - 40dB min from 100kHz-2MHz, 65dB max @ 270kHz
  • Current Rating - 12A
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation, Standard Mode Output Range - 120 ±10%
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation, Standard Mode Capture Range - 93-145V
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation, Sensitive Mode Output Range - 120 ±5%
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation, Sensitive Mode Capture Range - 98-135V

UPS Output

  • Voltage - 120 ±5V, Simulated Sine Wave
  • UPS Output Capacity - 1000VA 600W @ 0.6pf
  • UPS Backup Time - 3 minutes at full load
  • Transfer Time -

    Power Systems is a Panamax Authorized Internet Dealer. Your warranty is valid when purchased from us. Panamax is an engineering company, they have more engineers than sales people. Panamax has been producing nothing but surge protection products for over 30 years. Panamax also has a high power test lab certified by CSA to perform agency testing. In this lab is a 24,000 AMP lightning generator. They are as qualified as you can get in the surge protection business.

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