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Panamax - MD2-DF - Invisible Dog Fence Surge Protector

  • Model: MD2-DF
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Panamax
  • MSRP: $69.99
  • Product ID: 1973201-10


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Lightning can have devastating effects on a dog fence system not properly protected by a surge protector. Not only can it leave your yard unprotected, but your pet could escape while the system is down. The Panamax MD2-DF is one of the best surge protectors on the market for it is specifically designed to protect electronic dog fences. Not only does it protect the dog fence transmitter, but it has Loop Wire Protection to safeguard any wire above or below ground. The naked loop acts like an antenna attracting lightning-induced currents. The MD2-DF limits the amount of lightning current that can come through the underground dog fence wire.

The MD2-DF features Protect or Disconnect technology. It guarantees to preserve the dog fence transmitter and wire against destructive surge spikes to your underground wire fence system. If this happens, the surge protector will disconnect itself from your dog fence equipment to keep it from being destroyed.

The Panamax MD2-DF is small and compact. It is only 1.5 inches deep. It has 2 versatile outlets (one horizontal the other vertical) on either side of the device to accommodate various plugs. The bottom has tabs for both the transmitter and the loop wire. Two LED lights denotes the wiring and grounding of the outlet and that the power is on/protection ok. A removable faceplate allows you to cover the LED lights if you choose or paint the cover to match you wall.

The average electrical current running through a household contains EMI and RFI noise. Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference can decrease the performance of your underground dog fence. The Panamax MD2-DF surge protector will clean incoming current and enhance the performance of your electric dog fence.

Power Systems is a Panamax Authorized Internet Dealer. Your warranty is valid when purchased from us. Panamax is an engineering company, they have more engineers than sales people. Panamax has been producing nothing but surge protection products for over 30 years. Panamax also has a high power test lab certified by CSA to perform agency testing. In this lab is a 24,000 AMP lightning generator. They are as qualified as you can get in the surge protection business.

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