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Panamax - MIW-XT - 15A In-Wall Power & Signal Bay, 15A Code

  • Model: MIW-XT
  • Shipping Weight: 7lbs
  • Manufactured by: Panamax
  • UPC: 050616008488
  • MSRP: $189.95
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Product ID: 122783-1291
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The Panamax MIW-XT is a huge product in the surge protection world. Home Theater Systems are increasingly being deployed with a plasma or LCD screen on one side of the room, with the rest of the system elsewhere. This is a problem electrically, as you *cannot* protect the display with one protector, and the rest of your system with another protector, and expect it to work, it doesn't. No one warrants such a setup, mainly because it doesn't protect you. Of course, whenever you decide to put the screen on one side of a room, and the other equipment elsewhere, you have another problem - you also have to get the video connections run across the room! Well, the MIW-XT is one of the products that solves this problem. The advantage of using this product vs the MIW-SURGE-1G and the MIW-POWER-PRO-PFP is that the MIW-XT creates an isolated ground reference, meaning, in essence, the power will be connected to the same surge protector used for the rest of the system. Note that the warranty only applies when the main surge protector is also a Panamax.

The downside of the MIW-XT vs the MIW-SURGE-1G or MIW-POWER-PRO-PFP product is that it is generally more difficult to install when a room is already existing. The upside is that you then do not have to protect every interconnect cable between the 2 separate systems, as you do with the MIW-SURGE-1G or MIW-POWER-PRO-PFP product.

The MIW-XT gives you 2 in wall boxes to install. One of the boxes goes by the display device, and one goes by your Panamax surge protector. The MIW-XT provides additional filtration for AC power to remove noise that could have been introduced. It has one AC power outlet, and, room for one signal line module or use the pass thru insert which comes with it. Signal line modules to clean up cabling and provide additional filtering and protection. In the signal line space, you can also use the included Decora adapter, or, the included keystone module insert.

The MIW-XT plug in is recessed to allow for placement behind a TV, and, included is a flat power cord for this purpose. Also included is another power cord for the surge protector end. The two boxes are connected to each other via 12/2 Romex sheathed cabling which you need to buy and run between the boxes.

What this ends up giving you is a system that has all the advantages of products like the M5400-EX (assuming that is your surge protector, just an example) with superb filtration, and also a fully protected and warranted system. It was not really possible previously to get both. It also frees you from needing to protect the interconnect cables which is otherwise required.

AC Circuit

  • Total Current Capacity - 15A
  • Line Voltage - 120V, 60Hz
  • AC Outlets, Total - 1

IEC Power Inlet Cord

  • Length - 6 ft.
  • Connectors - IEC 320-C13 and NEMA 5-15R

Flat Plug AC Power Cord

  • Length - 11 inches
  • Connectors - NEMA 5-15P and NEMA 5-15R

Power Inlet Faceplate

  • Signal Line Protection not included, modules sold seperately.
  • AC Connector - IEC 320-C14

Power Outlet Faceplate

  • Signal Line Protection not included, modules sold seperately.
  • Noise Filtration - Level 1
  • AC Connector - NEMA 5-15


  • Product Warranty - Three Years
  • Dimensions: 7.25" W x 5" D x 7" H

Power Systems is a Panamax Authorized Internet Dealer. Your warranty is valid when purchased from us. Panamax is an engineering company, they have more engineers than sales people. Panamax has been producing nothing but surge protection products for over 30 years. Panamax also has a high power test lab certified by CSA to perform agency testing. In this lab is a 24,000 AMP lightning generator. They are as qualified as you can get in the surge protection business.

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