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Schumacher Electric - 2439 - Heavy-Duty Power Inverters

  • Model: 2439
  • Shipping Weight: 9.85lbs
  • Manufactured by: Schumacher Electric
  • MSRP: $527.80
  • Product ID: 11641622-1811


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Designed to provide power for a variety of devices, these inverters convert 12V DC into AC current. Use to power your laptop computer, cell phone, drill, television, microwave, reciprocating saw, power washer, electric chain saw, and more! For use in cars, trucks, RVs, or boats. A digital display indicates DC volts, AC volts, and output watts. Surge protection guards against damaging current fluctuations, and thermal protection shuts down the unit if the operating temperature is excessive. Features a 5V USB port, LED indicators, a built-in high-speed cooling fan, and a low battery alarm. One-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Model PIF-2000, Schumacher Power Inverter
Two sets of heavy-duty battery cables included. Maximum Continuous Power: 2, 000W. Peak Power: 4, 000W. Number of AC Outlets: Three.
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